Land and Commercial

SS Group

SS Group of Companies actively explore all development opportunities presented to us ;  a proven track record of acquiring unencumbered land sites suitable for residential development. We are happy to consider conditional/unconditional land purchases as well as joint ventures or any approach in this respect.

We are experienced at assessing development potential and have an excellent working relationship with local authorities. Every site is assessed on an individual basis; we have a ‘First Class’ team of land, architects and town planners to ensure we are confident in obtaining planning permission whilst still maximising the full development potential.

We give all our agents and brokers immediate decisions on any land opportunities brought to us whilst offering attractive agent fees for acquisitions that lead to completion. Being a privately owned company with our own funds; we are able to make decisions and close on deals quickly our specialist team can make a prompt evaluation of suitable sites and deploy funds to purchase in reasonable timescales.  We would like to hear from you if you have opportunities in the following areas:

  • With or without planning permission / consent
  • Large or small parcels of Land
  • Greenfield or brownfield sites
  • Commercial premises or hotels suitable for re-development
  • Mixed use residential / commercial opportunities
  • Strategic Land

If you have land or property with large plots of land to sell within Europe, then please get in touch with our team by filling in your details below.